Vitra Campus

Architettura e design Vitra Campus


Visiting the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, a few kilometers from Basel, just across the Swiss-German border, is an extraordinary experience. The Vitra Campus brings together buildings used for the production of the Vitra company’s office and home furniture, museums, architectural icons, and sources of inspiration for the home, in a totally unique combination of contemporary architecture and interiors.

It is an open-air museum where everything is all about beauty, with distinctive buildings signed by the best-known names in international architecture-from Frank Gery to Tadao Ando, Herzog & De Meuron to the Japanese firm Saana. Temporary design exhibitions and the fascinating home environments on the four furnished floors of the Vitra Haus always offer creative ideas for thinking about new projects under the banner of comfort, functionality and aesthetic quality.

In the private archives of the incredible collection of Rolf Fehlbaum, collector and brilliant visionary, there is the entire history of international design and more: a total of about 25,000 pieces kept here with care and passion.

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