Interior designer profession: my lesson at the Concept Design Course

Professione interior designer: la mia lezione al Corso in Concept Design


Interior designer profession: my lesson at the Course in Concept Design of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria



What drives a young person to choose the profession of Interior Design, what are the fields of application and the socio-cultural interests that presuppose a growing passion for a profession that is placed between Architecture and design?

I tried to answer these questions by involving the students of the Concept Design course of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, invited last March to hold a lesson as part of Metadialoghi, Series of seminars curated by prof. Alberto De Capua and by the architect. Mauro Mamoli.

“The innate curiosity for shapes, aesthetics and construction technology in this case is not enough, it is necessary to cultivate one’s general knowledge and interest in art, cinema, fashion, theatre, scenography, design, architecture, sociology, psychology, travel, etc.

Looking at the cinema settings, locations, furnishings, framing and recognizing the details of the image or photograph, grasping the representation of human drama in a play to putting man at the center of our interest, studying the scenography to imagine domestic environments where people can feel at ease, recognize the design objects that surround us and their history in order to know how to mix them and place them in the right context… Every single stimulus curiosity and passion can be the lever to bring out our uniqueness.

Architecture is always the basis of everything, with its proportions and harmonious relationships between spaces and volumes that dictate the fundamental criteria.

In interiors, psychology and sociology can help us define the expectations and needs of our clients, because every home must reflect our personality, be a representation of itself, a theater of the soul.”.

The environments, technical details, particulars and atmospheres of the Atelier projects that I showed suggest very different houses.

I analyzed the entire project process with the students: from how an idea is born, from listening to the customer, from how requests are translated into ideas, to arrive at solutions analyzing the mix of form – aesthetics – function – sustainability – attention to detail that allows to arrive at the final result.

The field experience with a group exercise for the creation of some mood boards of materials and colors, indispensable tools for interior design, concluded a beautiful and intense day on the theme of our exciting profession.