New housing needs, the future of design and living.

In this direct Instagram, Cristina Colla talks about it with Davide Groppi, Designer and CEO Davide Groppi, a company that creates emotions with lights. A focus precisely on the importance of light, as “magic, to seduce, to lead, to play and to see”, a world that revolves around living, the feelings of being at home.

What’s Ways to Live?

“Sometimes, thinking about the moment we are going through and how we will live after an unexpected event that forced us to stop, I find myself imagining a future that I don’t really know what it will be like.

From here came the idea, which is more of a personal need, to confront myself with friends, colleagues, architects and authoritative designers on the theme of living and share our talks live Instagram with my contacts, with those who follow me.

I realize how well you can feel in a house that “fits us perfectly”, that is in tune with our feelings, especially if we are so lucky to be surrounded by the things we love and have chosen, functional objects, quality and design objects and more generally by an environment of harmony and beauty.”