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Collaredi: The charm of Scandinavian design

  From the 70s onwards, when Scandinavian design from Northern Europe conquered Italy, its charm has never waned.   Essential, sober and bright With perfect geometry and linearity, Nordic design is characterized by a simple and linear style, the use of natural materials, clean lines, textures of quality materials and essential and functional shapes. There [...]
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Collaredi: Home wellness in the bathroom

  In our most recent creations, leading attention is paid to the bathroom. And the brands we offer in many of the Atelier's projects fully satisfy the expectations and desires of our most demanding customers. What was classified as a "toilet" throughout the twentieth century has in fact become one of the focal points of [...]
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Ristrutturazione della mansarda di Milena e Franco ad Alessandria, Architetto e Interior Designer Cristina Colla

Milena and Franco’s attic on the rooftops of the city

  An attic with a terrace overlooking the rooftops of the city and the bell tower of Alexandria Cathedral. It is the retreat home of a couple very busy with work, he an entrepreneur, she the sales manager of an international brand. A cozy place to come back to relax and always feel at ease. [...]
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  Sustainability is a word we hear more and more often, used by companies and people to emphasize the need to consume less and better to respect the environment and the planet. Everyone of us has made more sustainable choices in our lifestyles in recent times, some more, some less: from not using plastic bottles, [...]
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Alessandria, interior design Temporary Home

Temporary Home, Alessandria

  A temporary apartment that has the understated and elegant style signature of Atelier. A small loft on two levels, the attic has an easy and young style. It is a bright space, thanks to the choice of materials and colors, designed with the utmost attention to comfort and details, functional and essential basic furniture [...]
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Alessandria, ristrutturazione villa storica - Architetto Interior Design

Alessandria, renovation of a historic mansion

  Atelier was commissioned to design an outdoor veranda, a covered patio adjacent to the side of the villa facing the pool. The goal is to create a filter between the inside and the outside: between the kitchen, where food is prepared, and the garden with the swimming pool where one can pause from spring [...]
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In Usa, At Tania And Guido’s Home

“In Washington D.C., in one of the most exclusive residential areas, I have just completed the furnishing of the house of a young couple, she is Russian and he is Italian, who have lived in different cities around the world. The design requests were those of a simple but elegant environment, with a few elements […]

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Tips from design week 2023

  In Milan, this edition of design Week, both at the Salone del Mobile and in the hundreds of Fuorisalone events throughout the city, marked a return to the old days before the due stop to the pandemic. Thousands of people from all over the world, both at the fair and in the city, enlivened […]

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Professione interior designer: la mia lezione al Corso in Concept Design

Interior designer profession: my lesson at the Concept Design Course

  Interior designer profession: my lesson at the Course in Concept Design of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria @Design.unirc @pau_unirc What drives a young person to choose the profession of Interior Design, what are the fields of application and the socio-cultural interests that presuppose a growing passion for a profession that is placed between [...]
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Architettura e design Vitra Campus

Vitra Campus

  Visiting the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein, a few kilometers from Basel, just across the Swiss-German border, is an extraordinary experience. The Vitra Campus brings together buildings used for the production of the Vitra company’s office and home furniture, museums, architectural icons, and sources of inspiration for the home, in a totally unique […]

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