Domestic libraries


Tell me what library you have and I will tell you who you are. It is a fascinating reading that proposed by the book Biblioteche Domestiche/ Home Libraries by photographer Mauro Cenci, who tiptoed into private Florentine homes to reveal 35 private libraries of intellectuals, artists and professionals within an everyday life that is also, above all, personal history. Not only the spines of the books, the titles, and their arrangement are elements that reveal the different individual personalities, but also the photos, paintings and objects that adorn the libraries, which change and mutate over time following the path and events of life. It is, in fact, this intimate and private corner, whether small or large, that gives warmth and lived-in charm to our home environments.

The book Home Libraries is an initiative of the Francis Bacon Foundation, Center for the History and Philosophy of Science and Culture, and is published by Metilene Editions, 2022.