Mood Board

Vintage Colours

Cotton and polyester velvets have always been used to cover sofas and armchairs. Today the return to these fabrics recalls forms of the past and the houses are enriched by a style that has nothing more to do with minimlism. The rigor of classic and contemporary architecture is dressed in a new "mood" where design [...]

L’uso sapiente del colore nelle case.

Ecco un esempio di come un piccolo tavolo antico puó diventare l’appoggio per una serie di oggetti che riprendono i colori della parete e di come un’opera d’arte, in questo caso un quadro di Mario Schifano, sia collocata esattamente nel posto giusto con un fondale che la esalta.

The use of materials

The Fantini, historic taps company offers different finishes for this product. The use of old materials, with tools, accessories, accessories, accessories, accessories, accessories and accessories.

Mood for the winter

Cashmere, leather, evening and fur for this selection. The browns predominate in their warm tones, we are working on the project of a chalet in the mountains.

The endless range of colors and textures

During the Salone del Mobile, Paola Lenti presented her 2017 collection in an industrial architecture scenario. At the entrance, the range of possible colors for the furnishing of interior and exterior furnishings, created a rhythm that by the warm tones reached the coldest. In interior design, the possibility of using such complete moods is crucial […]

Materials and colors

Patchwork of green colors; The contrasting red attracts attention to the different element. This also happens in our homes when we play with special matches on neutral backgrounds.  


I use the mosaic for many custom made furniture finishes; I often use it in bathrooms in so many different versions. Joining wood, resins, fabrics and furnishings is always embellished with this polychrome material that best expresses the material.