The home studio

Warm and cozy, serious but not too much, the study of my house is a room “filter” between the living area and the sleeping area. The furniture and the teak floor, the dark wall and the aluminium table are the natural materials I decided to use. Here we alternate at different times of the day […]

The wood and its surfaces

The material appears more or less rough and is used in different contexts to give a “rustic”, “contemporary”, “modernist” or “minimalist” tone. Even the essences characterize the appearance of the furniture with their warm tones, more or less dark ranging from honey to brown, up to brown. They are dyed with natural products and the […]

Nordic Design

While travelling, I collect design stimuli and I realize that some design pieces are the result of the union between the history of the place, life habits, function and aesthetics. Each period has characterized a "way" and in cycles design returns with its iconic forms. Illustration by Billi Cesare for Cristina Colla Atelier

Vintage Colours

Cotton and polyester velvets have always been used to cover sofas and armchairs. Today the return to these fabrics recalls forms of the past and the houses are enriched by a style that has nothing more to do with minimlism. The rigor of classic and contemporary architecture is dressed in a new "mood" where design [...]

Outdoor Design

The range of outdoor furniture is increasingly enriched with innovative, colorful products that use materials with high performance in terms of light and weather resistance. It is fun to design outdoor spaces where greenery integrates and sometimes merges with the function of living.   * The image was taken from Flexform

UAM – UNICAALMONDO magazine talks about me

December 2018. The magazine “UnicaAlMondo” talks about me: “Reflective and ironic Fun without being excessive. Cristina, always in balance between understatement and unsettling panache Dreams, draws, and above all listens “being on the piece” for an architect is everything. Capturing fashions and trends, intuiting what the customer wants are the basis of her way of […]

Series 7 by Fritz Hansen

Series 7 by Fritz Hansen in the sixteenth-century rooms of Villa d’Este in Tivoli. The pastel colors of this product designed by Arnet Jacobsen in 1955 are integrated into a context of wall paintings that create the windows’ linings to demonstrate the fact that products from different eras can interact with each other in harmony.

L’uso sapiente del colore nelle case.

Ecco un esempio di come un piccolo tavolo antico puó diventare l’appoggio per una serie di oggetti che riprendono i colori della parete e di come un’opera d’arte, in questo caso un quadro di Mario Schifano, sia collocata esattamente nel posto giusto con un fondale che la esalta.

Una enoteca Wine Bar che ho realizzato a Tortona.

Lo spazio è stato caratterizzato dall’idea del bancone che rappresenta il locale stesso. Un parallelepipedo luminoso di bottiglie. Divertente lavorare sul concept per rendere chiara la mission aziendale. Rivendita di vini con etichette internazionali di pregio, degustazione e aperitivi. Luce e contrasti forti di bianco e nero, sono stati determinanti per la visibilità dall’esterno.

La casa di un creativo. Ogni ambiente racconta una storia.

Le stanze di colori diversi, gli arredi integrati con attenzione al racconto e i colori in armonia con gli oggetti. Poca luce crea l’atmosfera e la musica di un 33 giri si diffonde in un ambiente, forse un po’ sovraccarico, ma pieno di fascino, dove il proprietario, collezionista di opere d’arte descrive la sua storia […]