Month: December 2017

The use of materials

The Fantini, historic taps company offers different finishes for this product. The use of old materials, with tools, accessories, accessories, accessories, accessories, accessories and accessories.

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Mood for the winter

Cashmere, leather, evening and fur for this selection. The browns predominate in their warm tones, we are working on the project of a chalet in the mountains.

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A Living in Parma

A living that we have created in Parma where the white of Cappellini’s bookcase stands out on the dark brown parquet. The sofas are by Driade, the chair S-chair in pony leather is by Cappellini. #cristinacollatelier #interiordesign #architecture #design #furniture #Parma #Alexandria #Furniture #Cappellini #Driade #Architect

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